Purchasing Consultant
Looking for your new best friend?
Or even a saddle? Janel can
assist you in making the right
choice for you and your needs.
Do you think kids and colts
should "grow up together"?
Learn the facts when thinking
about a horse for your child.
How young is too young?
Comparatively, horses age at
about 2.5-3 years to every one of
ours. . . Would you want to buy a
4-year-old horse for your 10-year
old daughter?
You'd essentially be permititng a
10-12 year old to be responsible
for the life and safety of your
Janel can help advise you what
age of horse will best look out
for your child, and based on your
child's personality - which horse
type would be the best match.
What you've been searching for and not finding, until now. . .
Horse and Rider Solutions
This is the perfect opportunity to try this
unique and very effective method to get
you confident and your horse listening to
you. Of course, horse trainers can get your
horse to behave, but you need your horse
to behave for YOU.
YOU need to feel confident and in control.
YOU need to be able to ride and enjoy
your horse!
You have a choice:  Do you or do you not have the ability to change your current situation?

  If NO – then your horse will either be a pasture ornament or be for sale.

  If YES – then keep on reading!!
1) One week program:   Work with Janel one-on-one in a two part, 2 hours
each, series within a week to develop your posturing and your confidence,
and then apply this knowledge and know-how to your horse and your
Three week program:   Within the first two weeks, approximately 4
hours, work with Janel regarding horsemanship skills, riding and confidence;
and then apply this to your horse and your situation in two 2-hour sessions
over the following weeks. This is RECOMMENDED as it is far more
comprehensive and produces the best, long-term results.

      Further assistance is available (and recommended) to those who choose to continue.
The best investment you can make is in yourself! And by investing in
yourself – you will be protecting your other valuable investment:  
your horse! This is not show training, this is not competition training,
this is not fluff and stuff found elsewhere. This is the real deal –
what you have been searching for and never finding – this is an
answer to prayer. Now is the time to make reality of your goals.
Fear? ~ Lack of confidence? ~  Frustration?
Two basic Horse and Rider Solutions options to choose from:
Qualified, encouraging, friendly and professional.  
Private and personalized – not one size fits all.
Indoor arena, by appointment only.
Horses must have proof of negative coggins.
Call or email with questions or for more information.