Working with and around horses can be a dangerous activity, which could
subject the participants to serious injury or death.  Because of the
unpredictable nature of horses, Janel Brookshire, Stay in the Saddle, LLC,
and all associated with Stay in the Saddle will not assume any liability for your
activities, related to this information posted on this website or not.  This
website and the products sold on it provide basic instruction and information
that may not be suitable for every rider or every horse.  No warranty is given
as to the suitability of this instruction and information to you, or to anyone
with whom you share this instruction and information.  Furthermore, riding
instructors using these techniques and information must assume all liability
for sharing this information.  Personal instruction may be more suitable for
some individuals.

It is highly recommended that you:

  • consult a physician to make sure that you are in good physical condition,
  • wear the appropriate attire, including a riding helmet and appropriate
  • attempt these riding lessons on a sound, broke horse,
  • make sure your horse and equipment are in good working condition,
  • ride with supervision.

Please consult a local horse training professional if you are having issues
with your horse.

Parents:  Supervise your children.
Liability Waiver