More Stay in the Saddle photos. . .
Young and old, horses are for everyone.  Whether you've been riding for just a very short while, or you've spent your life in
the saddle - the appreciation for horses and for riding should always be growing and not something we "grow out of."  The
pictures we post is for your enjoyment and maybe they'll make you laugh, or make you want to join us. . .  Stay in the Saddle!
Trail Riding:
Three women on a mission!
Our new black stallion:
First day in the roundpen
Deitz and Vivi:
She is only three and already in command
of a big, black horse.  Love my little girl!
Ashlynne and Kelsey:
Horse-lovers, stall-cleaners, and sisters
More Stay in the Saddle Photos
Horses, riding, students, and more horses
November 2010 Trailride Weekend:
Steve on Dawson, and Karen on Spirit (first trailride
for young Spirit - and he did exceptional!)
November 2010 Trailride Weekend:
Rosie and Ron visiting from Kansas with their horses
Dusty and Tuff.  Beautiful weather and great friends!
I feel the need for speed!
Peyton on Dillon during our Calling Cowgirls
Calling Cowgirls Weeknd - April 2011:
We're not just about riding and looking pretty. . .
We clean stalls, too!
Calling Cowgirls Weekend - April 2011:
The whole gang. . . Kelsey (Bob), Peyton (George),
me, Vivi, Anna, Payton, Ashlynne, Melody, Elise, and
Kelcie.  A delightful group of young women!
Three Generations:
Parkyre (student) joined by her grandmother and
mom for her birthday.